Why does The Telegraph continue to ask people if they are smarter than a ten-year-old?

Last week The Telegraph published another one of their quizzes, this time questioning whether the general public has what it takes to pass a primary school grammar test.

And it seems that The Telegraph will continue to publish such quizzes for the simple reason that they are hugely popular, with everyone wondering whether they are in fact smarter than a ten-year-old. And a high proportion of people come to the conclusion that they’re not.

I say all this because, in an ideal world, wouldn’t it be great if the grammar and punctuation that your primary school pupils learn could be remembered 20, 40, 60, or even 80 years from now?

Which is why we have produced the Punctuation and Grammar Activity Books for Years 1 to Year 6 – to help pupils gain a comprehensive understanding of punctuation and grammar that will stay with them forever.

Furthermore, the Punctuation and Grammar programme has been updated to meet the requirements of the 2014 English Curriculum so the activity books can readily be used alongside existing lesson plans.

You can see sample pages from each of the activity books by clicking on the links below:

Punctuation and Grammar Activity Book – Year 1
Punctuation and Grammar Activity Book – Year 2
Punctuation and Grammar Activity Book – Year 3
Punctuation and Grammar Activity Book – Year 4
Punctuation and Grammar Activity Book – Year 5

The activities can be used with full classes, small groups or individual pupils and are available in three formats: black and white photocopiable book, full colour PDF e-book on a CD, or a PDF that you can download straight from our website.

What’s more, if you are looking at implementing a whole-school punctuation and grammar programme using our clear, concise, easy-to-follow and child-friendly Punctuation and Grammar Activity Books, you can buy the six books together at a discounted price.

To order the Punctuation and Grammar Activity Books, you can either:

  • visit our website
  • phone 01772 863158 
  • fax 01772 866153 
  • email sales@topical-resources.co.uk         
  • or send your order by post to Topical Resources, P.O. Box329, Broughton, Preston, Lancashire PR3 5LT 

A link to The Telegraph’s “Quiz: Can you pass a primary school grammar test?” can be found on our Facebook page here.

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