What is the single biggest problem in teaching children maths ahead of the 2016 Mathematics Tests?

Maths, of course, is unique in that it is the one and only subject where knowledge of one topic is essential for the successful learning of the next.

Obviously in history it is helpful to know about Roman Britain before learning about the Anglo-Saxons; but such pre-knowledge is not essential.  However, with maths it is impossible to make sense of the concept of millions without first knowing about thousands.

Which is why there is a double benefit in the new series of maths tests, “Assessing End of Year Expectations in Mathematics - Year 6”.

First, as you would except from the title, the book provides carefully organised assessments for each statutory statement of the 2014 Mathematics National Curriculum.  It also has the benefit of being similar in format to the new 2016 Mathematics Tests.

But second – and this is just as important – it is arranged in such a way that it is immediately clear where there are gaps in the child’s knowledge.  

Given that any such gaps will hamper not only the child’s maths’ knowledge on a specific point, but also everything that comes thereafter, it is vital that such gaps must be dealt with.  And this is what “Assessing end of year expectations in Mathematics Year 6” does.

To see how this is achieved please do take a look at our web page in relation to this book – which itself leads on to sample pages and full details of coverage.

Within the book questions can be used as part of a baseline assessment and at the end of term to measure progress made. All answers are, of course, provided.

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