What does Christmas in your classroom look like?

Topical Resources are inviting all schools to join our Christmas in the Classroom campaign which we’re running on our Facebook and Twitter pages – but don’t worry if your school doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account because you can still get involved.

All we ask is that you send an email to jenny@hamilton-house.com describing in just few sentences what Christmas in your classroom (or school office) looks like. We’ll then post this on our Facebook and Twitter pages. If you have photos, we would love to see these too.

By sharing your Christmas in the Classroom you will inspire other primary school teachers, administrators, and management across the UK to try your Christmas set up and activity ideas.

Of course, you can if you wish include your name, position and school name. Or if you’d like to share but prefer to keep these details anonymous, this is absolutely fine too. Just let us know.

To find out what other teachers, administrators and management are doing in the lead up to Christmas, simply follow us on twitter @topicalr or like our Facebook page – Topical Resources

Who are Topical Resources and what do we do?

We are Educational Publishers specialising in teacher resource books and equipment for a sound, activity-based approach to education in schools.

One of the resources that we have produced is Christmas in the Classroom which is a book of step-by-step art activities for your pupils to enjoy in the lead up to Christmas. The art activities are easy to follow, making it suitable for all Primary Key Stages.

Activities revolve around traditional Christmas themes, including: Stars, Candles, Stained Glass Windows, The Nativity, Decorations and Trees.

You can see a sample from the Christmas in the Classroom Step-by-Step Art Activity book here.This particular sample focusses on the theme of The Nativity.

As always, you can order any of our resources in the following ways:

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