The 2x March; 3x Train; 4x Funky Monkey; 5x Jive; 6x Reggae; 7x Hip-Hop; 8x Blues; 9x Hoe-Down; 10x Rock; 11x Cha Cha and the 12x Space Adventure

The concept of multiplication tables is not usually one that is problematic for pupils to grasp, but rather it is the requirement for pupils to recite times-tables from memory which can be near impossible for some.

It is therefore important that pupils who have such problems with reciting their multiplication tables from memory are taught in a wholly different way – which is why we have developed The Funky Times-Tables DVD (2nd edition).

The Funky Times-Tables DVD offers a unique approach to the learning of multiplication tables whereby pupils learn (and remember) times-tables by watching animated graphics, dancing, and singing along to songs.

Song titles include: The 2x March, The 3x Train, The 4x Funky Monkey, The 5x Jive, The 6x Reggae, The 7x Hip-Hop, The 8x Blues, The 9x Hoe-Down, The 10 x Rock, The 11 x Cha Cha and 12 x Space Adventure.

Furthermore, The Funky Times-Tables DVD can be used with large groups or for individual learning.

You can order The Funky Times-Tables DVD in any of the following ways:

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