New curriculum: Mathematics New test: 2016 Mathematics test New resource: Assessing End of Year Expectations in Mathematics

When there is a change to the curriculum it is unlikely that you can get away with using the same teaching resources that you used previously. And even if you can, it is likely that you will have to acquire an additional resource to cover the changes.

It can, however, take a few years to find a teaching resource that is most effective in supporting you and your pupils with the changes, which is why we’ve produced Assessing End of Year Expectations in Mathematics. To add another, different choice to the mix.

Assessing End of Year Expectations in Mathematics is an activity book for Year 6 pupils that provides carefully organised assessments for each statutory statement of the 2014 Mathematics National Curriculum.

The questions within the volume are similar to the new 2016 Mathematics test and can either be used as part of a baseline assessment or at the end of term to measure progress made.

Furthermore, Assessing End of Year Expectations in Mathematics provides answers to the questions making it an ideal teaching resource for non-specialist maths teachers undertaking lessons in the maths teacher’s absence.

You can view sample pages by clicking here.

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