Addressing the difference between learning and performance in Written Arithmetic

It could be argued that learning is invisible – making it perhaps one of the hardest things to prove to Ofsted. Performance, on the other hand, is tangible, making it an acceptable form of evidence that will help to fulfil the criteria set out in Ofsted’s inspection framework.

Furthermore, many primary assessments demand performance as proof of attainment, over that of learning, which is highly conflicting when we consider that the school environment is set up for learning, with educators trained to prepare pupils for the next step through learning.

The problem is, as you will know, that learning and performance are two wholly different things, which is why we have produced the new Practice Papers in Written Arithmetic for Years 2 to Years 6 – prepared specifically for the 2016 syllabus.

The resources will not only support your pupils’ learning, increasing their understanding of written arithmetic and thus preparing them for the more advanced concepts to come, but, at the same time, they will enable you to effortlessly measure your pupils’ performance.

Each book contains six photocopiable test papers, similar in style to the new government tests for 2016, and the volumes are available either as printed copies within a book, as PDFs in an e-book, or as a download from our website.

Answers are provided, along with assessment score indications at the levels of:

  • Below National Standard 
  • Towards the National Standard 
  • At the National Standard 
  • Above the National Standard 
  • Mastery of the National Standard 

We have also produced the Weekly Written Arithmetic Questions resource for your Year 6 pupils in support of the practice papers to develop their written arithmetic abilities in the final year of primary school. The Weekly Written Arithmetic Questions resource will also be available for Years 2 to Years 5 in January.

This volume contains 30 pages of carefully graded arithmetic questions, each with their own full page answer sheet, and covers topics such as, number, calculations, and fractions.

The price for the books depends on the format required: Paper book (£17.95), PDF (£15.95 + VAT) or as a download from our website (£13.95 + VAT).

As always, you can order any of our resources in the following ways:

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